Company History

The S.u.A. Martin GmbH+Co.KG, founded in 1937,
is a technically orientated concern and special
manufacturer and developer of micro, neurosurgical
instruments and medical technology equipment.

Since 1937, our experienced production team has
grown steadily to 35 employees. If you are not yet working
with us, we invite you to challenge our flexibility, innovative
craftmanship and technical expertise with your custom
projects. Our ISO 13485 certified and FDA-compliant
manufacturing facility guarantees highest quality, shortest
turnaround, and strictest confidentiality.
As the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of a wide
range of products, we place great value on close contact with our customers regarding the development, production, and quality of our products.

In co-operation with doctors, guilds, chambers of
commerce and similar bodies we develop new
technologies and products which we bring onto

The various manufacturing processes and our
methods and measuring techniques together with
our know how lead to a high standard of quality
in our production.

We have a complete range of equipment in all areas
for the manufacture of surgical instruments right up to
the end user. We can thereby guarantee a constant
high level of quality.